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The fact that people retweet this disgusts me. Seriously. What have darkskins done to deserve this? Why do we have to be associated with loud, violent, ugly and disgusting?smfh and people say racism has disappeared

All these self hating doods are dark too.


The thing that shames the hell out of me is most of the profile pics are dark skinned dudes! So I’m guessing that most of their DNA mix up is from people of a darker hue… I dare them to say shit like that to they mama or grandmama and not disrespect their own blood at the same time! Some of the most beautiful women have rich chocolate skin but stupid shits can’t see that fact!

This is disheartening. The people are destroyed.

this is a learned perspective. it didn’t appear spontaneously or randomly. the question then becomes where did they learn this hatred, this self hatred, this deleterious contempt for dark skin females?  

the only way to do this is to ask directly, “who taught you this?”

For example, in my family, I am the darkest one. Growing up my grandmother used to tell my siblings and I to stay in the shade out of the sun because we didn’t want to get “too dark.”

Where did she learn this? She passed it on, but who taught it to her?

We have to deconstruct our social engineering and not just haphazardly toss things like this under the umbrella of “misogynoir” where it will just gather dust.

This issue is not gender directional for I have seen and known plenty of black females who throw dark skin males under the bus, or just outright treat us differently. 

Smh this is so damn mean

This is absolutely ridiculous! We hurt each other more than anyone else hurts us.

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